Online Casino Blackjack

Online casino blackjackis also known as Pontoon, 21 and Vigt-et-un. It is one of the famous and widely played online casino card games. Blackjack is famous because of its right mixture of decision making, playing skills, excitement and luck. If you have enough experience and skill you can always convert the odds to your favor with the right blackjack betting strategy.

In blackjack you do not bet against other players but against the dealer of the casino. The main objective is to secure a total card point higher than the dealer but not going beyond 21. Ace has a face value of 11 or 1 depending on the cards in your hand, Jack, Queen and King cards have 10 as value and all the other cards have their numbers as their value. The total hand value is calculated by adding the point value of each card. If the dealer and the player have the same value point it is called as “Push” and you get your money back.

Online casino blackjack is even more popular on the internet at online casinos. Online casinos have various variations of blackjack, like European Blackjack, Multi-hand Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack. You can also opt to play one or multiple hands depending on the game version. So how do you play online casino blackjack? Both you and the dealer (casino) are dealt two cards. Your cards will be face up while one of the cards of the dealer will be face down. After receiving the cards you have to decide if you want ‘stand’ which means you do not want any more cards or ‘hit’ which is to draw more cards. During the play various options like surrender a hand, doubling bet amounts, split hands and insurance would be presented. Based on various odds and blackjack strategy you can take a suitable action. Normally the action would be based on the total value of your hand and also based on the value of the upturned dealer’s card. Online casino blackjack is basically a simple game with straight forward rules. But just like other online casino games this too offers great fun and entertainment.

Some tips and strategies to be followed to win online casino blackjack games are given below.

It is not advisable to take insurance if provided to you when dealer’s card has an Ace in it. Instead of going for 6 to 5, it is good to seek for games which pay 3 to 2. If you are very serious about the game and about winning, it is better to go through the fundamental strategy of blackjack before starting to play it online. Start observing the strategy spot patterns, understand the reason behind its functions and then use it when required.